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COVID - 19 update 27th July 21

Today the Premier announced that schools, preschools and children’s centres will reopen to all students tomorrow (Wednesday 28 July).

As a result, our school will be open.

We will not be offering an alternative home-based learning program unless your child is impacted by SA Health quarantine orders. Please let us know if this is the case.

Before and after school OSHC will operate as usual, families should book in with OSHC should they require this service.

Our canteen will be available as normal on Thursday, Friday and next Monday.

As the Chief Public Health Officer said, just because the hard lockdown is being lifted does not mean that the risks associated with COVID-19 have passed.

As a result, we will:

  • minimise the number of people coming and going from our site. Wherever possible, please drop and collect your child at the gate and maintain the appropriate physical distance from other adults. If an adult must enter our site, they must be wearing a mask and scan in using the available QR codes posted around the school. Please call the office and email where possible.
  • postpone Assemblies in the gym and any planned excursions for the next week. We will organise a virtual assembly for next Monday 2nd. 
  • require all staff to wear masks when indoors, on public transport or on school buses. Please note that staff will not have to wear masks while teaching or working directly with students.
  • resume sports training however games will continue to be postponed till further notice. 

Students can wear their own masks should they choose to; however, this has not been mandated in primary school settings.

I would like to acknowledge the amazing work of the staff in delivering learning and providing feedback to students, throughout the lockdown period.

Thank you very much for your home support during the lockdown and supporting your children with online learning.

We look forward to having your child back at school tomorrow

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling

Home Learning Information

As we are now in lockdown and a new way of school learning, processes have been developed to ensure that all our students have access to great learning experiences and know that they have support along the way. We have worked productively today to develop systems which will ensure students are actively involved in learning at home. As we will be trialling new ideas, be prepared for some hiccups along the way. When this happens, we ask that you communicate with the school so that we can address issues as they arise. Please email teachers or leadership should you require support.


It is really important that families check for whole school updates which will be emailed to you as well as looking out for our regular communication from teachers, on seesaw, so we can maintain the learning partnership. Due to the number of messages coming through to teachers on seesaw we ask that you email the classroom teacher should you have a query.


Attendance/Home Learning

Every child/family will be required to check in online between 8:50 and 9:15 am every day. The teacher will set a roll question/activity online on Seesaw that must be responded to, so we know that students are up, attending, and ready to engage in learning. Once checked in, teachers will mark your child’s attendance on Roll Marker.


If your child is ill, you will need to text the school and let us know that your child will not be participating in Home Learning that day. Please text us on 0427 016 460.


If you don’t do either of these options by 9:30 am an automated text message will be sent to you asking for a response.


Monitor communications from your child’s teacher and school.

All classes at CVPS use the Seesaw platform and information has been provided to allow home access using a home learning code. Teachers and support staff are working collaboratively in Yr. level teams to develop learning activities. Staff will provide families with a timetable and Yr. level specific information to outline expectations. Specialist teachers (Japanese, Performing Arts, PE, and Science) will provide one activity for students to be completed at a suitable time and due by next Tuesday 27th July.

Please continue to check regularly for emails/Seesaw messages and communicate with the classroom teachers by email. Please regularly check on Seesaw to support your child’s learning.


Look after your own wellbeing

We know that many of you are juggling working from home as well as caring for and supporting your children. If you haven’t already, try turning off your Seesaw notifications.


We want families to know, if your children are learning at home, you are not expected to be the teacher. You are the parent and you are there to support the process. Teachers will be setting learning tasks and we would appreciate you encouraging your child to complete them. However, if this is not possible and it all gets too hard on any given day, allow them to stop, come back to it at a later stage.



Teachers will attempt to respond to any concerns or questions as soon as possible, as per our current expectations. This is relatively new for all of us, and it may take a little longer depending on the volume of correspondence. As mentioned above email is the preferred mode of communication between parents and staff. Over the four days there will always be someone available in the office to talk to should you need urgent support. Please phone 82783693.


Borrowing ICT Equipment

We will be making devices available for families that don’t have a device for their children at home. If you need to borrow a device, please read and fill out the form you will find here: and Mike will get back to you so that you know you can  pick up the device from the school.


Online learning expectations and guidelines ·

  • Where possible students should set up their learning area in a quiet space, with a neutral background to ensure privacy and video quality ·
  • Students should not be online alone, for instance, in their bedroom with the door shut.


Schedule physical activity and family interaction.

Physical and family interaction are essential to your child’s wellbeing. Scheduling time for movement, family time and play help your child have a positive experience at home. Teachers will provide options for physical fitness at home; please check the weekly schedule for these.


 Support your child’s emotional needs.

In stressful times, children need supportive and stable relationships with trusted adults. Stay close with your child and provide age-appropriate information. ·


Working online

To help you work with students online we’ve included a couple of sites to support you.


ESafety commissioner website

Digital Citizenship website


Department Information


The Department has developed information to support available under the families section of ‘Our Learning SA’, which has videos and factsheets for students and families, including:


  • Setting up a learning environment 
  • Staying happy and healthy while learning at home 
  • Reading at home with your child
  • Preparing for online learning 
  • Talking to your child about COVID-19.


Thank you for your support and take care.

OSHC during lockdown

Further to my previous correspondence, our OSHC service will be available to children of essential workers both in the morning (7 - 8:30 am) and afternoon (3:10 - 6:15pm).

Please contact Dennis directly should you require this service by phoning 0408824686 or emailing

Kind regards,
Liz Pelling